Hairdressers in Bromley

Visit Unique & Beauty Hairdressers in Bromley and get a great style without the high-end price.

We endevour to make your time with us as relaxed and enjoyable as possible – we therefore offer complimentary drinks, a range of current magazines as well as a head massage.

We use top range products to leave your hair feeling healthy, pampered and gorgeous. With new innovative products such as Inoa, even colouring your hair is safer, with long-lasting effects.

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Cutting & Styling

Shampoo, Condition, Cut & Style Occasion Styling

Hair Colouring and Highlights

T-Section – Highlights & Roots, Fiols – Half Head & Full Head, Men’s Tips or Shoe Shine, Men’s Wash in Wash out, Block Colour, Extra Toner, Glossing, Inoa

Permanent Hair Straightening



Partial or Full Head



Prices are available upon request. Discounts for Senior Citizens and Students. Products are available to buy in store. Ask your stylist to recommend which products would be best for your hair.

  Stylist Senior Stylist Master Design
Shampoo, Conditioner & styling from £18.50 from £20.50 From £25.00
Shampoo, Conditioner, Cutting & Styling £33.00 £35.00 £38.00
Men’s Shampoo, Conditioner, Cutting & Styling £16.50 £18.50
Long Hair Styling/ Bridal (per each 45 minute appointment) from £35.00 to £46.00
Wet Cut from £18.50 to £24.50
Fringe Trims Complimentary
Extra Charges for Additional Services
Stylist Senior Stylist Master Design
Inoa from £38.00 to £45.00 from £65.00
Glossing £32.00 £35.00 £45.00
Block Colour from £30.00 £65.00
Half Head Foils From £45.00 from £49.00 from £55.00
Full Head Foils From £67.00 from £70.00 from £74.00
Ombre from £70.00
T-section highlights from £35.00 to £38.00
T-section root £25.00
Extra toner £12.50
Man wash in wash out,5 minutes colour £18.50
Stylist Senior Stylist Master Design
Keratin Blow Dry from £79.00 £90.00 £120.00
Brazilian Blow Dry from £70 to £150
Short medium long
Extenzo £45.00 £55.00 £70.00
Senior Stylist
Full Head Volume From £52.00 to £70.00
Technical services do include Technical Styling
Kids up to 11 years old £8.50 £10.50 £12.50
With a blow dry for girls £16.50
Kids 12 to 16 years old Boys £10.50 Girls £18.50
TREATMENT from £13.50 to £15.50
SENIOR CITIZENS BD £17.00 CBD £28.00 Wet Cut £18.50 Perms £52.00
STUDENTS WITH ID Boys £13.50 Girls £25.50